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Card Access Systems


Card Access Systems are systems that control, regulate and monitor check-ins and check-outs  in all buildings. Places where entry and exit of the buildings should be restricted were regulated by the use of keys. The controls of all these keys in a very crowded building was a problem in itself.  Card Access Systems eliminated all these problems and created a safer and more economical solution. In addition, by giving the right to timely access, the entrance and exit of the persons can be restricted in one day. All check-ins and check-outs are stored in the system memory and reported to the user upon request.
Today, Card Access Systems have become centralized control units that integrate with other systems such as camera – monitoring, thief – detection and fire – warning systems to provide higher security and reporting capabilities. Card Access Systems are effectively used both in registering the building and in determining the places that they can enter, thus providing more effective security in multi-storey buildings.  We are combining the latest technology and know-how in Card Access Systems, which we have established as NOKTA IMS, to produce powerful, reliable and economical systems and present them to our customers. The expandable structure of our systems, due to its reasonable price and reliable structure, is the perfect solution for applications in all sizes.