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CCTV Systems


Nowadays cameras are used in building systems for homes and workplaces. These systems can be used for every kind of different goals like ; security of personnels and building, process controlling. These systems are mainly seperated into two major parts.

  • Analog Camera Systems
  • IP Camera Systems

Analog Camera Systems

These systems are occured by camera, recording device and monitors. Display signals are fowared to recording device analogously. That is why it is called Analog Systems. The signals and displays which come to recording device are saved by the recording device and it allows to watch recorded or live broadcasts to authorized users.

IP Camera Systems

In IP systems all the devices are IP and all the signals are in digital type. Received signals from cameras can be saved in the camera and also it can be forwared to a centric recording device. At this time all the cameras can be watched live or recorded displays by authorized users. IP Camera Systems are worked with digital signals , so they have feature that processing digital signals. Hence some kind of video analysis; counting people, vehicles plate number are succesfully done by it.