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Fire And Co Detection Systems

FIRE WARNING SYSTEMS : This is the system which warn the people before someting on fire to creat time to take action or to take precausions  in every kind of building , operations or plants. Nowadays the most popular , new and high performance interactive fire warning systems’s field equipments are not just behave like a sensor,not just detect and report, they can also consider the situation and decide to what have to be done by the software inside of their microproccessors.
Interactive Addressable Systems:Every detector is programmed with special parameters according to its responsible locale area.The main difference with Analog adressable and intelligent adressable systems is that interactive algorithim based parameters which is identified inside of the detectors. The system evaluate all the informaions from the sensors.This can be easily said that If a sensor in a dirty place or the sensor started to be unclean , the system synchronizes alarm sill level  to bacground sill level otomatically. More complicated interactive system functions can easily notice that real fire situations and when nowhere is burnt, also it can reduce or increase sensitivity of the sensors according to all possible enviromental changes or temperature changing effects. Sensors and interactive decision mechanism  provide that more effective and high detection performance, clean results, preventing nuisanse alarms etc.