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Jet Fan Otomation Systems

To provide enough park space there are lots of carparks (parking garages and multi- storey car parks) and still they are built like all around the World. Researches about finding low cost solutions are still continuing for emerging markets. Jet Fan system is that there is no need ventilating duct for ventilation and ventilation providing by jet effective fans. Jet Fans are named with impulse or induction fans according to it’s effectivity. To provide a afe and ventilated space in the carparks instead of using a ventilating duct to collect all the gas emission by car or smoke due to a fire , jet fans use the fans to direct the smokes to shafts where there are exhausting fans.
• Getting more efficient from height and volume
• Flexible montage advantage
• Reducing consantration of sewage gas and air mix
• Providing a good air movement in the carparks
• Energy saving for firms