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Vocalizing And Emergency Announcement Systems

Vocalizing and Emergency Announcement Systems are used to broadcast music to the premises and to evacuate people in emergencies. The purpose of the music broadcast is to provide a pleasant ambiance in the spaces where people are present, the urgent announcement  is to ensure that people are safely evacuated from the environment.
The size of the places where the systems will be installed, the number of zones, the acoustic structure of the volumes and the structure of the system are determined. It is possible to install systems  of different sizes from a single zone to hundres of zones, a single point of announcement  to hundreds of points of announcement.
In accordance with the “Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from the Fire” according to Regulation on the Protection of Emergency Announcement Systems, it is obligatory to use all buildings with a capacity of more than 5000 m2 or all the buildings where have more than 1000 users with a total construction area and all buildings with a height exceeding 51.5 m. In the Voice and Emergency Announcement Systems that we have established as the NOKTA BMS, the aim is not only to make music broadcasts and announcements but also to make the broadcasts understandable and continuous.