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HVAC – Mechanic Otomation Systems

HVAC – Mechanic Otomation Systems are that from producing control process to every variation of area which make our lifes more comfortable in the buildings. Content of HVAC – Mechanic  Otomation systems ; air conditining plant, circulation-heating-coolant pump, swage pump, fire pump, channel typeand cellular type fans , stair pressurizing fans, water containers, jet fans, hydrophores, hot- water tank, caldron, heat exchangers, chiller. The HVAC (Heating, ventilating and air conditioning) makes controlling the mechanic devices above from a center , monitoring these devices and report of these devices measurements and conditions.

As NOKTA BMS , we find solutions for 3th generation integration between BMS and some electromechanic equipments like packet type air conditioner plants, chiller, VRV devices and lightning otomation, energy otomation, weak current systems via some various protochols (BacNet, ModBus etc. )


  • Reduces big amount of numbers of technical stuffs in the building.
  • All the mechanic systems are monitored and taken action via centric point.
  • It allows remote Access and controlling to the system.
  • Problems about installation and systems are realized on time and take actions about the solutions.
  • Life of the devices are extended under favour of right and efficiently controlling.
  • By schedule programs ıt allows to users stop and run options on the time and date that users requests.
  • It is possible that minimize the costs of fuel and energy with a good otomation.
  • Working with stand by devices , it helps equal ageing to all devices with alternate working.
  • By summing all the working times of the devices a periodic maintenance can be set.

HVAC – Mechanic Otomation Systems are one of the major subject of our company. So we provide turnkey projects about DDC, MCC panels manufacturing and field services with our professional team.