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Data/Network Systems

NOKTA BYS; Starting from the structural cabling infrastructure projects, it supports different applications on both local and remote area networks, creating solutions that best meet the needs of the customers. In our local communication network projects; High-performance, manageable, and multi-protocol environments that can grow and work in any architecture, the world’s leading; With Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Netgear and Samsung brands, the quality product constantly improves the idea of quality workmanship to customers. In addition to wired communication solutions on local networks, we apply wireless communication solutions in customer environments using the most advanced products and technologies.Thus, it is possible to support high-speed, uninterrupted, user, and application-intensive environments where the voice, data and video are supported together with the wireless network. Structured Cabling Systems are the longest used part of the network system on which critical business applications operate.

Network systems have no other components used as long as the cabling infrastructure. So important is that while the cabling infrastructure accounts for 2% of the total network investments, 80% of the network problems we have encountered are based on incorrectly designed and implemented cabling systems.



The three most important factors behind the success we have in Structured Cabling Systems are;



1) Accurate Design and Project Designing: Today, companies do not generally anticipate enlargement or growth, or it is costly to prepare a wiring infrastructure that anticipates a growth that will take place after 5 years. For this reason, it is so important to be able to prepare an infrastructure suitable for expansion.2)     Quality Workmanship:  A second important issue as important as project planning is workmanship. The quality of the workmanship also means the quality of the cabling infrastructure, because even  if you use the best brand cabling products you will be wrong to expect good performance if your workmanship is not good.3)  Testing, Labeling and Documentation:
In our wiring projects, all cables are tested and labeled with a certain numbering system. Cable routing and socket points are processed on the layout plans and the project file are delivered to the system users. Project documentation is indispensable for expansion needs or troubleshooting.

NOKTA BYS provides Data / Network Systems which can be used for many  years without any problem to the customers through a holistic view and experience of the structural cabling systems by the expert staff