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Lighting Otomation Systems

As it known all around the World %20 of the produced electrical energy is used in lighting . To economise from the energy in used lighting without causing less confort of us . This is possible with using high efficiency synthetic light sources and lighting control systems. Lighting otomation systems is that providing all the ( every kind of) luminaires’s centric controls via local communication lines.
KNX is improved that is the one open standard for building otomation Technologies which is compatible with EN 50090.

All the seperated functions are gathered under a single roof by KNX. In the system all the items have its own adress. In installed base some kind of changes could be done without touching to installation. The system could be extended in thoughts of needs. KNX is occured by two wired, low voltage a Bus line and the items, which are combined to that Bus line, like keys,thermostants,detectors etc. Sensors and on the sam eline combined driver devices (on/off , dimmer, engine driver etc. ). There is no need any control panel or a computer to use it for controlling or operating the system.
Devices communicate with each other by which they connected to Bus line without any centric control unit and they woek well independently. This helps safely controlling and otomation on the system.
As NOKTA BMS, KNX lighting otomation systems (supplying by us) helps particularly energy saving reducing the cost of maintance and operation costs with redeem the installation cost in a short period when consider the life time of the building.